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About This Site

Anyone who has been visiting this website over the past few years has noticed that it is a work in progress. In this latest edition I have expanded the written history by a great deal and have divided it into eras. As I discover more information and unearth more historic images the site should continue to grow. I also encourage anyone with comments or information pertinent to the waterfront and docks of Portland to feel free to contact me if they wish to share their story using this venue.

I have put together this history using a number of sources (a bibliography is forthcoming). Since my research was directed specifically towards the Portland waterfront, and since I used a great deal of original source material, some of the information may be new to people who consider themselves familiar with Portland history. I have tried my best to not infringe on any U.S. Copyright laws. Many of my images have come from private sources available to me from having worked on the waterfront since 1979, many of them I took myself, some of them are the work of Ryan Schmidt, a longshoreman, and some of them are from my collection of historic images and postcards that are in the public domain. If anyone has cause to believe that I am using an image that I have no right to use, please contact me.

Barney (Natius) Blalock


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