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Portland enchants with its seating areas. There are no historically valuable buildings in it, but at the same time you can surprise with extraordinary landscapes, harmoniously combined with the surrounding nature. And an original tour of Portland’s restaurants will surely complement your city trip.

Italian $$ – $$$
“Great Italian food in the city center”

Mother’s Bistro & Bar
International, American $$ – $$$
“Very friendly”

Elephants Delicatessen
American, Deli $$ – $$$
“Tasty and inexpensive”

European, Russian $$ – $$$
“Ukrainian restaurant”

Cheryl’s on12th
American, Cafe $$ – $$$
“Small coffee shop”

Pok Pok, the leader of Thai cuisine in America, immediately stops at the Portland restaurant scene. The second equally famous restaurant is Stumptown Coffee, some of which are created by Dwayne Sorenson, whose goal is the best coffee in town.

Portland appears to be a place to grow talent, half coupled with cheaper living than other US metropolitan areas. Yes, the restaurant business is thriving because many names prefer mouth-watering food to any functional pastime. This is why the food in Portland is on the same level as in Los Angeles, but many have always remained cheap, mouth-watering, and experimental.

Bollywood theater. One of the most interesting places as it gives you the opportunity to sample Hindu street food without visiting India. Yes, to amaze you with breathtaking indoor and outdoor venues. Finally, it is possible for anyone looking for a flavorful fried okra.
It will help you feel a real surge of emotions from dishes of veal, pork, duck, lamb.
A dwarf pride in the city center, which is partly a pastry shop serving mouth-watering dinners to all customers. The highlight of the establishment is the food of desserts and dinners from gilded dishes.
Little Bird Bistro. A wonderful bistro loved by some of North America’s most elegant celebrities.
Together with a Spanish chef, he discovers the secrets of Spain’s amazing gastronomy.
Lumberjack’s Tavern. Serves its customers with the sweetest and fastest dishes, and very cleverly prepares oysters.
It is distinguished by an extraordinary combination of various cuisines of the circle – Spanish, sewing and Italian, complemented by the stately technique of execution characteristic of Portland and affordable prices. It is considered the most favorite restaurant in the city because of the same high quality of service.

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