Breweries Portland

Breweries Portland
Written by Nina Crow

More than seventy breweries. Craft beer is brewed with tiny brews in insignificant volumes, but at the same time putting all your heart and soul into experimentation. In Portland, the beer craze began a decade ago, which is why it’s surprising a lot.

Most importantly, recognizing Portland through the rest of the metropolitan areas with a dozen decent pubs is such a choice. Seventy breweries is, at worst, seven hundred different varieties of beer, from which it is entertaining and free to find “yours”.

Portland pampers with alternatives – date stout, caramel porter, or double IPA aged in whiskey barrels. And the names of the breweries are Hair of the Dog Brewing Co, Commons Brewery, Lucky Labrador Brew Pub! In pubs, in their turn, everywhere, endlessly friendly employees, in my beloved Commons Brewery, twice try to roll free beer.

The main legalization is to abandon the fleeting qualification, in Portland they sip in the morning, afternoon, at break and again in the evening. After first in the morning, in the afternoon at lunchtime except further.

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