Delaware State Trooper surprises boy, 9, with new basketball sneakers after striking up friendship on court

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Delaware State Trooper surprises boy, 9, with new basketball sneakers after striking up friendship on court

 An adorable boy in Delaware took shot at making a friend – and scored.

When Delaware State Police Trooper Joshua Morris was out in Wilmington last week, he didn’t hesitate to shoot some hoops with local kids who asked him to join some pickup basketball, WBRZ reports. One of the youngsters, Ra’kir Allen, acted as the cameraman, commentator and cheerleader for the officer, who played in uniform.

“YAY!” Allen screamed with glee in a now-viral Instagram , as Morris scored a shot. The nine-year-old hollered, laughed and followed the state trooper’s every move as he showed off his game at the park.

“Oh that’s Curry, that’s Curry, that’s Curry!” Allen cheered as the officer made a jump shot, and the two shared a high-five.

“His charisma, his character…I just loved,” Morris told WPVI of the pure-hearted kid. “That reeks through his pores. I loved it.”

Because Allen kept comparing him to Steph Curry of the NBA, Morris was inspired to treat the boy to a new pair of basketball kicks from the Golden State Warriors player’s Under Armour line. The state trooper got in touch with the fourth grader’s mom, Elveria Griffin, to coordinate the sweet surprise, which was also caught on camera.

“My is going viral because of you, you know that right? You is the man, everybody is talking about how you is the man, the best hype man ever,” Morris told Allen in the heartwarming that hit Instagram on Sunday. “So I wanted to gift you with something. Do you remember what you said when I hit the jump shot and turned around? Curry, right?”


“Since you was my hype man, I’m going to be your hype man right now,” Morris said, opening his patrol car and taking out the shoebox. “A fresh pair of Curry’s!”

Allen’s jaw dropped, and the trooper laughed, directing him to look in the left shoe.

“Is Curry in there?” the boy joked – and found $50 in cash.

“I appreciate you, man, for you being the best hype man ever,” Morris said, and Allen gave him a hug.  

“Anytime you see me, it’s all love,” Morris explained. “I always got your back, no matter what.”

“When we play on the basketball together that’s a common ground you and I can meet on so we can build these relationships. That breaks that barrier, so we can be friends, so from here we grow, we build a relationship,” he added.

Griffin told WPVI it was “beautiful” to see her son’s reaction to the generous gesture from his new friend.

Law enforcement should never be strangers in the communities they serve, Morris stressed. Now, he hopes the kicks remind Allen he’s made a forever friend.

“When he laces up those sneakers, he has somebody who believes in him. He has somebody who loves him. He has somebody that will be kind to him,” he said.

Even Curry himself chimed in on the moving moment, writing “That how you do it to right there.”


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