Music Portland Oregon

Music Portland Oregon
Written by Nina Crow

We asked Portland’s band “Leptariens” about how the band happened to be born and why they like the city.

Bambi and Cole, members of the rock band Leptariens, talked about Portland’s music scene, the quietest outdoor space, and why the audience is so important.

What do you think of the city that inspires you and your music?

My favorite place is the International Rose Garden, next to the hilltop zoo in the southwest. It’s very quiet and beautiful, and you can feel like you’ve escaped from the city. It’s a place that doesn’t seem like it’s just a few blocks away from the messy city.

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What is your favorite venue to play in Portland? The reason is.

My favorite place to play is Mississippi Studios. Not only is the band very nice to handle, it sounds good, it’s comfortable and it’s a fun atmosphere. I like it so much that I want to be there as much as possible, and sometimes I go to see shows.

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Mississippi Studios

How did you get started with making music?

All the members have been making music all the time, but Leptariens started one afternoon when they recorded the song for fun. When I published it on the internet, there was a reaction, so I decided to write more songs and start a band.

How did you get to the type of music you’re making now?

It’s the opposite of sticking to a particular genre or style, I think we’re just creating music that feels good to us. Inspired by everything around us, we incorporate a variety of genres and styles, but the resulting music is a Leptariens song. Because it’s their sound, it will happen naturally.

Leptariens exploring the city that inspires the band

It doesn’t have a clear message in the song, so it can be interpreted in different ways and can be associated with different people and situations. It’s the same for ourselves as well as our listeners. I like making music, so I make music, and if possible, I hope the listeners will enjoy the sound and sympathize with the content.

What makes this city so good for playing the type of music you make?

Portland is a great place to make music. Everyone in the music industry is very active, talented and motivated. Everyone supports each other and many musicians play in other bands. I think that such exchanges have created a cohesive community and diverse music scenes at the same time.

Band “All the Apparatus” playing on the streets of Portland

What do you like about Portland? And why?

Portland is a relatively large city, but just a few hours away there are beaches, forests, deserts and mountains. It is very good to be blessed with nature. Food is another attraction of Portland.

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