Portland food

Portland food
Written by Nina Crow

Over the past couple of years, people have flocked to Portland to experience one of the country’s most passionate culinary scenes. Whether you’re looking for the finest pizza, fried chicken ramen you’ve ever tasted, a sweet tooth, or looking for elegant restaurants with an intricate Pacific Northwest fare, here are 15 choices you can’t browse through PDX restaurants.

From here, the first mini-brewery in America, except for gluten, is a bicycle smoothie, where the blender mixes fruits and vegetables by turning a pedal.

Portland is a city of street food. It is measured here not by vans and tents, but by the number of sites on which 10-15 points naturally deserve. It all stretched out for a retirement parking spot and earned the name food pad. Well, what else is needed for completeness, sometimes food is drawn instead of cars?

The vans are unconditionally overgrown with pretty things and look so sloppy, our grandmothers and parents would call it a mess and unsanitary conditions, perhaps.

Every Sunday, the institute region is transformed into an impressive large-scale market. Turning off fresh vegetables and fruits, you can buy jam, pastries and, of course, lunch.

For many, street food plans are used with ordinary dishes, refusing to use disposable ones. On the market, twenty buckets with the names of restaurants deserve – after dinner you simply throw your plate there.

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