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Written by Nina Crow

The wind tunnel is a safe simulator that simulates free fall flight. The upward current blows at speeds of up to 250 km / h, allowing you to easily lift off the surface and take off. No special skills required – our reliable instructors are with you throughout the flight. You will experience an incredible, incomparable feeling of real flight!

Almost everyone can fly in a wind tunnel – adults and children (from 4 years old), beginners and professional athletes. Before the flight, you will undergo special training – the instructor will explain the basics of movement in the air and inform you about safety.

A closed-type wind tunnel located in its own building. It is comfortable to fly with us regardless of the weather.

Panoramic windows, a large space and a projection image behind the flight zone itself will immerse you in a fantastic atmosphere of real free floating in the sky.

iFLY is a high-tech wind tunnel located in Portland. This unique sports trainer allows you to feel free fall while recharging with positive emotions and good mood for the whole day.

Skydiving Portland

Not everyone knows what skydiving is yet. Diving into the sky (this is the translation of the name of this sport from English) united brave athletes, whose competitions always attract a huge number of spectators.
At the dawn of parachuting, only the most courageous dared to jump out of the plane from a small, by modern standards, height.

For thrill-seekers these days, a short flight with a canopy opening at a great distance from the ground does not seem extreme enough. Athletes tried to prolong the vaping as long as possible, while performing various acrobatic exercises. Thus, a new kind of sport was born, competitions in which gather a huge number of spectators.

The new sport has attracted the attention of many extreme sportsmen, but to become a skydiver, you need to make a lot of effort and money, as well as to have good health and an excellent response. First, you should enroll in a parachute club, without mastering all the intricacies of ordinary jumps, it is impossible to start a prolonged free soaring.

Exercises in the sky are preceded by training in a wind tunnel. In artificially created ascending air currents, the athlete is not limited by time and can learn to control his body in zero gravity without haste. Only after all movements have been worked out on the simulator, the instructor will allow the student to jump from the plane.

Want to feel the feeling of free fall and an adrenaline rush, but jumping from an airplane seems too risky for you? The aerodynamic tunnel at the Skydive Portland will allow you to do this safely and under the supervision of an instructor. The wind tunnel is equipped with a round glass chamber with a diameter of 4.3 m and a height of 14 m. Here you can feel an incomparable sensation flying in a stream of air at a speed of up to 300 km / h. If you are healthy and you are from 6 to 100 years old, then go ahead – for the thrill! Preliminary training and special experience are not needed. Immediately before your first flight, you will be taught how to control your body in free fall conditions.

Laminar stable air flow with a speed of approximately 200 km / h fully meets the conditions of free fall The closed flight chamber eliminates the possibility of flying out of the pipe. You are supervised by an experienced instructor throughout the entire flight. After mastering the exercises for controlling your body in the air flow, you can move on to 3D movements. All comers are provided with suits, helmets, goggles and gloves.

Location iFLY Portland:

10645 SW Greenburg Road
Portland, OR 97223

(971) 803-4359

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