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Portland Waterfront nowadays

Today the Portland waterfront still keeps the memory of the past but it has changed.

A huge number of governmental measures have been taken to transform this waterfront into a place appropriate for living. Some of the crucial port industries still work, but a big space was occupied in 2004 to build residences, medical houses, and research towers. A linear park South Waterfront Greenway and Gibbs Street pedestrian bridge are also there to provide the local community with its amenities. In addition to residential buildings, the area has restaurants, grocery stores, retail, and service businesses, many of which exist in the planning stage.

Moreover, the area provides tourists with a big variety of hotels and apartments that also have a waterfront view. Some spots of the waterfront are still closed for the visitors, but some of them have all the necessary equipment to walk and spend time there. A splendid idea is to organize a bike tour along the Portland waterfront. This route will let you look at this historic place in all its beauty. If you are looking for some other activities to do on the Portland waterfront a good option will be to try yourself kayaking on the Willamette River. This activity will not leave you indifferent and you will be able to enjoy the port authentic atmosphere.

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