Russian books

Russian books
Written by Nina Crow

The best selection of Russian books.
From time-tested classics to contemporary authors, both Russian and foreign. Russian books: classic and modern prose, action films and thrillers, historical and love novels, biographies and fiction, fairy tales and poems, reference books and encyclopedias, as well as many, many more!

Russian books

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Russian literature is the literature of the Russian people and people of another nation, brought up in the traditions of Russian culture. Russian classical literature.
Russian literature is a great literature, the roots of which go back to the mists of time. For a long time it was – and for many it still remains – the easiest art to understand and closest to the soul. Since its inception, it has accompanied a person, reflecting the most significant historical events and being a true mirror of the soul of the Russian people.
Russian literature, distinguished by its colorful and rich language, imagery of characters and philosophical reflections on the meaning of life, occupies a special place in world culture.

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